Why Us

Great things happen when like-minded people meet.


Workspaces are undergoing a fundamental transformation. No need to worry about all the boring and icky parts of having to rent or setup an office anymore. Leave that to us. We got that sorted. It's what we do.


H Space is a coworking space offering a seamless, integrated working experience. Pay a small, all-inclusive monthly fee, and you have all the office facilities you could ever need, and more— You now belong to a community of like-minded people, working right alongside you.


We're flexible, too. Everyone has different needs, including you. Speak to us about your requirements, and you'll be surprised by how well we can accommodate you, whatever you may need.


Whether you're a creative freelancer, independent consultant, sole proprietor, microbusiness, small business, startup, or a Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) it's all birds of a feather; We're all cut from the same entrepreneurial, passionate cloth. We’re out to do what we love. When like-minded people meet, great things happen. Join us today and work better, together.


  • Diverse group of coworkers from different industries
  • Flexibility to scale your team
  • No administrative hassle— Focus on your business
  • No office overhead— Just an all-in fee
  • No Setup Cost
  • Our Community Team is always there to assist


Let us understand your need and we will suggest the best plan for you.